Michigan Cat Pet Sitting Pet Nanny

Cats, most especially domesticated cats, have always had a reputation of leading independent lives apart from humans. We imagine them to be very self-sufficient and needing little to no attention from their owners whatsoever. You could just fill up their food and water bowls, leave them to their own devices, and be on your way. Although this could be true up to a certain degree, it would appear to not always be the case for our feline companions. Cats are very prone to stress and anxiety when left alone at home, especially for extended lengths of time. Being creatures of habit, they can get very irritable if their daily routine isn’t held up, leading to destroyed furniture or runaway cats. Before you book your vacation to the tropics, we suggest making sure your cat is in good hands while you’re gone. Below, we list down our top four reasons why hiring a cat-sitter is more important (and convenient) than you think. (more…)