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Nothing is as heartbreaking and as devastating as receiving the news of a loved one or a pet companion diagnosed with cancer. It is a very emotional and taxing ordeal for everyone involved – most especially for the patient and their close family members. We could go years and not once consider the possibility of it affecting us or our loved ones, until we get blindsided one day and the world starts crumbling all around us. No one is ever fully ready when it comes to cancer, and no one will ever be the same when it happens to them or someone they love. But with the right knowledge and information, we can brace ourselves for the worst, and hopefully, come out of it in one piece. November is Pet Cancer Awareness month. Not that we need any more reminders to always stay on top of our pet’s health, but it doesn’t hurt to educate ourselves on what it really is we’re dealing with when it comes to pet cancer. (more…)