5 Reasons Why Owning a Pet is the Ultimate Stress Reliever

Friday, June 24th, 2016

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There are many popular ways to reduce stress but nothing can be more effective than owning a pet. While yoga, meditation and getting into arts and crafts can provide one with the stimulation needed to let go of life stressors, only pet ownership provides a life-long effect. If you are not allergic to animals and if you have the time and discipline to accommodate a new best friend in your life, read on to know why getting a dog, cat or any kind of pet will be beneficial for your life, not just today, but in the long run.

  • Playing with pets instantly improves your mood.

Imagine coming home after a long and tiring day at work. You open the door and what greets you the moment you get in? The loveliest pair of puppy eyes expressing how much you’ve been missed! Having a pet welcome you home is one of the most heart-warming experiences in the world because you are reminded that no matter how harsh or cruel the working world can be, somebody is lovingly waiting for you at home.

  • Having a pet solidifies your exercise routine.

It is almost impossible for us to build a regular exercise regimen when we’re doing it alone because going out to jog or run can be tiresome. Enlisting in a gym membership is also only effective in the beginning, and soon enough, we find ourselves back home, sitting in front of the TV or the computer because it’s less stressful that way.

However, having a pet gives you the motivation to exercise because you’re not doing it alone—you’re exercising with your pet! It is also an easier habit to form because your dog or cat will be there to happily remind you that it’s time to go for a walk outside. Try it for yourself. Just one month of walking your pet down the block or across the park will do wonders not just for your pet’s health, but also your own.

  • Pets make instant friends! 

When we take our pets for a walk outside, chances are other pet-lovers will stop and approach us to say hello. It’s true—owning a pet gives us instant social life points! If you feel awkward about meeting new people on your own, leave it to your pet to attract kind folks who could be your next shopping buddy or movie marathon co-critic. Just like that, you’ve added not just a loving pet to your life, but also quite possibly the right set of friends you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Pets are more effective at lowering blood pressure than prescription meds. 

There is a lot of prescription medicine available for the reduction of blood pressure, but with them comes unwanted side effects that may even worsen your condition.

In a recent study conducted on stressed New York stockbrokers, it was shown that those who have adopted pets have lower blood pressure than those without pets at home. This significantly reduced their risk of heart disease and other debilitating conditions such as chronic headaches. Feeling loved, whether it is from a human being or an animal, will always yield positive results for one’s mood and overall health. Fortunately, that’s one thing pets are experts at—showing love.

  • Pet ownership is the answer to staving off loneliness. 

Not only are pets the best listeners, they’re also the perfect companions for our day-to-day lives. They won’t judge you. They won’t bicker with you. No matter what you do, you’re their most favorite person in the world. Having a pet teaches you to live better because you’ll love better. This way, you’ll never have to feel lonely again.

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