5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Licensed And Bonded Pet Sitter

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

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Michigan Pet Sitter

Are you going out of town but you can’t bring your pet with you? We are familiar with the dilemma of having something important to do, like a business trip or a long overdue vacation, but the agenda calls for you to leave your pet at home. It’s a bittersweet situation but we at Pet Nanny, Inc. are here to make the decision easier for you! 

  1. Minimize The Risk Of Harming Your Pet, Physically and Emotionally

The only true way to ensure your pet’s safety and general well-being is to leave them with a licensed and bonded pet sitter. As a professional service, we make it our mission to not only look after your pet when you can’t, but to also genuinely care for them so they don’t feel lonely or out of place.

Pets feel it when their owners are about to leave them, and this often causes them stress and anxiety, which affects their appetites and overall behavior. Don’t come home to a naughty and frisky pet just because the people who looked after them didn’t know how to properly care for animals. Or worse, don’t come home to an injured pet because of their clumsiness or mishandling.

  1. Our BBB Accreditation Has Your Best Interest In Mind, All The Time

We deliver only quality service each and every time and take pride in having a highly reputable reputation to uphold. We have been a BBB-accredited business since 2003 and this means that we have to maintain certain work standards and service expectations. We cannot afford to be sloppy or lazy. In case of any customer complaint, the BBB has your best interest in reviewing a company.

On top of being a BBB member, we are also affiliated with the Pet Sitters International group and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. We also support the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society and the Michigan Humane Society so you can leave your pets knowing they will be handled with tenderness and love.

  1. No Stolen Pets!

Your pets are more than just prized possessions—they are part of the family. This is why we guarantee to look after their safety and security like they were our very own. In this way, you are free to travel, work, go on vacation, or simply live your life without having to worry about your pet going missing—no matter how long you are gone.

  1. Right Tools, Right Discipline, Right Choice

The one other thing that people neglect to consider is that professional pet-sitting services like ours have all the proper tools and experience staff. And on the off chance that your pet gets sick when you are away, we’ll be able to provide the proper medical attention and treatment that your pet needs to survive. Trust us, you can’t get the same kind of peace of mind anywhere else.

And just like how we love giving pets the proper nourishment, we also love pampering them to make them feel comfortable and cared for. It will almost be like you never even left.

  1. And The Best Part? We Go To You!

You don’t have to worry about bending your schedule or asking a favor from someone to drop off your pet. You can finally set your mind at ease. So go on and book that business trip or dream getaway in a brand new city. Pet Nanny, Inc. is a professional dog-walking and pet-sitting business based in Michigan. Our services are affordable, reliable, and most of all, loving. Our mission is to pamper and protect. We love your pets when you have to leave them.

If you have questions about specific needs or arrangements for your pets, just let us know. And if you are ready to book an appointment call us today at 734-981-6108 or contact us through our website at http://www.pet-nanny.com/contact

You can also learn more by visiting our social media accounts: Facebook Fan Page | Twitter Account | Google+ Listing


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