The 7 Things Your Pet Sitter Should Know About Your Pet

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

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Every pet owner dreads a certain phone call when they’re away for work or for vacation. It’s that call from your pet sitter saying that your beloved pet has fallen sick. Imagine what a catastrophe that would be! Fortunately, we have listed down the seven most important things your pet sitter should know about your pet so things go well when you are away. The more information your pet sitter has about your pet, the less chances of you having to worry about that phone call!

Be sure to jot these things down in a detailed list so your pet sitter has easy access to all this crucial information:

1 – What is your pet allergic to?

Your pet can easily get indigestion and other forms of discomfort when they get fed something they are allergic to. Be sure to inform your pet about what he or she may absolutely not feed your pet. You may also leave pre-approved pet food that your pet sitter can give at specific hours of the day. Don’t let your pet sitter try new types of pet food because you have no idea whether this is good for your pet or not.

2 –  How much should your pet eat?

Aside from staying away from common allergens, it’s important that your pet sitter knows just how much food your pet should be fed. Most pets get overfed because their owners did not leave out detailed instructions about how much they should be eating and at what specific time of the day. There are also cases when the pet loses weight because they aren’t being fed enough! To avoid these mishaps, communicate your feeding instructions clearly with your pet sitter.

3 – What is your pet’s medical history?

It is also good to inform your pet sitter about your pet’s medical history. Tell them about their last veterinary visit and put them in touch with your vet so they are aware of your situation in case something happens while you are away. You also need to tell your pet sitter about medication and supplements your pet may be taking. Be sure to say the exact dosage and time your pet should be taking these.

4 – What kind of exercise does your pet need?

There’s nothing your pet will hate more than changes to his or her exercise routine. Just because you are away doesn’t mean that your dog or cat will have to miss out on walks in the park or play dates with other pets. Leave a schedule for when your pet should be taken out for a walk and specify the route and time needed for it.

5 – What bathing and grooming instructions does your pet need?

If you will be away for more than a week, it would be best to leave bathing and grooming instructions for your pet sitter. It’s common for pets to dislike being given baths so you have to be very detailed and precise when you explain how to do it. You should also specify the pet soap and shampoo that you use.

6 – What does your pet dislike?

More than basic feeding and grooming instructions, your pet sitter should be aware of your pet’s behavioral quirks and overall attitude. What are the things that can tick off your pet? List them down and explain to your pet sitter how to deal with the situation in case your pet throws a fit.

7 – What does your pet like?

Aside from knowing what could irk your pet, your pet sitter should also know how to properly reward your pet when he or she starts behaving. Does your cat like a certain treat? Does your dog prefer belly rubs or back rubs? Let your pet know these intimate details about your pet to ensure that both of them will have an easy and enjoyable time adjusting to each other.

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