7 Tips on How to Keep Your Dogs Safe in the Summer

Monday, August 17th, 2015

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Do you know who dislikes the summer heat more than you? Your dog. Not only are high temperatures and intense humidity uncomfortable for human beings, they can actually be more damaging—and even deadly— to dogs.

All pet owners must check their pets for signs of heatstroke when the weather turns to an extreme. Some of the most common signs include: quick and heavy panting, a very rapid heartbeat, glazed eyes, an unquenchable thirst, and difficulty breathing. When this is not remedied right away, your dog could continue suffering in the following days by showing lethargy, lack of coordination, excessive drooling and vomiting. On very extreme cases of heat stroke, some dogs suffer from seizures and just fall into unconsciousness.

We want to prevent this from happening to any of your pets, so here are some proven tips to help you keep your dogs safe when the temperatures rise in the summer.

#1 – Never ever leave your dogs inside your parked vehicle.

Not even if you’re only going to be away for 10 minutes—nope. Just don’t do it. A car will retain more heat because of its closed and compact nature so parking under a shade does not solve the temperature problem inside your car. Moreover, your dog could suffer from claustrophobia or hyperactivity from seeing random passers-by, which can heighten the chances of dehydration.

#2 – Minimize your dog’s exercise on hot days.

Asphalt, cement and sand absorb a lot of heat and they can burn your dog’s paws. If you must take your dog for a walk, make sure to find a cool and grassy area. Moreover, try to limit your walks to early mornings or early evenings when the sun is not shining at its peak. Also don’t forget to carry water with you when you walk your dog.

#3 – Digging helps!

As annoying as their digging can get, this exercise is actually very useful to your dog’s cooling process. As they dig deeper, the soil gets cooler and they become more comfortable. Digging is your dog’s natural way of beating the heat, so if you can allocate a portion of your yard to your dog, let them dig right there.

#4 – Spray your dog’s paws and stomach with water.

A dog’s body cools down from the bottom going to the stop so spritzing misty water on their paws and stomach will help quicken the process of cooling off. An even better solution is to spread a cool, but not so damp, towel on the ground for your dog to lie on.

#5 – Go for a swim!

If you can manage to get your dog in the water, use swimming as a replacement exercise activity on the hotter days. This way, your dog’s body does not heat up as much as when they run and jump around.

#6 – Provide lots of fresh and cool water for your dog.>

If you feel refreshed right after drinking a cold beverage on a hot day, so will your dog. You can let an ice cube melt on your dog’s water dish before serving and your dog will surely enjoy the refreshment.

#7 – Choose a shaded open space for your dog.

A normal doghouse would keep your dog protected from the elements but it won’t keep your dog any cooler if the temperature and humidity are so high. It is better to let your dog chill out in an open space with an available shade like a tree or a shed. And as always, make sure that the area has an ample supply of water.

If you don’t have time to do these things, let our loving team at Pet Nanny take care of your dog when you are away. We offer professional pet-sitting and dog-walking services all year round, and we know how to keep your dog comfortable during the hot days. Fill out our new client form or give us a call at 734-981-6108 today!

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