Are You Looking For a New Pet Sitter Going Into 2016?

Monday, December 21st, 2015

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Plymouth Canton Michigan Pet Sitting Services

If you have travel plans for the holiday season or if you have multiple work trips you need to finish before going into the New Year, chances are you’ve considered hiring a professional sitter for your pet. As much as you want to take your pet with you, your tight schedule can only accommodate so much. You don’t have to worry about being away from your pet as long as you remember the following benefits from hiring a pet pet sitter:

#1 – Your pets stay home safe

There’s nothing a pet can dislike more than an abrupt change in an otherwise wonderful and comforting routine. Hiring a professional will allow your pet to enjoy the same environment he or she is accustomed to. There is no need to stress out your pet due to unfamiliar surroundings. When your pet is looked after right at home, he or she can follow his regular diet and exercise routines, as well as play in the same safe and familiar environment like everyday.

#2 – You can count on a professional to handle emergency situations

The biggest worry pet owners face when they have to leave their pets behind is: what if something unexpected happens? You want to be present for your pets all the time so you know of their general condition first-hand. Hiring a professional pet sitter is the closest thing to being able to oversee your pet’s day-to-day activities yourself. Pet sitters are trained to handle pets in all kinds of situations, and they are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed for medical or emergency situations. If your pet needs a specific grooming or diet regimen, be assured that a professional sitter will be able to perform these duties in your absence.

#3 – Your pet is kept safe from disease and parasites

Exposure to unfamiliar places or other animals could heighten the chances of getting unwanted diseases or parasites. Getting a professional pet sitter will eliminate these odds and you can be assured that your pet will stay safe and healthy while you are away.

#4 – You don’t have to ask huge favors from friends or family

As much as your friends or relatives are willing to look after your pet for you, remember that they are not as used to handling animals as a professional sitter who has undergone training and certification for the job. In the occasion that something goes wrong, your friends or family might be left with more than they can chew. It is better not to impose such a big responsibility to our closest circles to ensure that these relationships remain that way.

#5 – Know that you have backup.

Professional sitters are trained to keep an eye out for potential hazards and risks and they should be able to perform measures to avoid them from happening. They are also experts at administering any medication your pet might need. Moreover, they will be able to discern if your pet needs to be brought to the vet, and should that happen, a professional pet sitter will have access to backup help.

#6 – Most of all, your pet will feel loved

When you are scouting for candidates for a pet sitter, remember that you should hire someone who believes in kindness and humane practices. Pick a sitter who will treat your pet with the same love you give.

Pet Nanny is a professional pet sitting company with over a decade of experience in providing reliable and affordable pet services. We believe that the quality of care given to pets is the most important aspect in the business. We are insured and bonded, and we are avid members and supporters of leading organizations that advocate animal rights. If you need our services for the holidays going into 2016, get in touch with us by calling 734-981-6108 today or fill out our contact form and someone from our staff will be in touch shortly.

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