The Most Fun Outdoor Activities For You and Your Pet

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

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Summer is finally here and gone are the dreary days of staying locked up indoors! We bet that nobody is more excited to go out than your pet. After long days of seeking shelter from the cold and wet weather, it is finally time to prance and play with the other pets in the neighborhood.

The best thing about outdoor time with your pet is that it provides a wonderful experience that you can bond over. Here are some of the most fun outdoor activities that you can do with your pet.

  • Go for a picnic in the park.

Nothing welcomes the sunny days better than sprawling out into the grassy fields of the nearest park with treats and toys in tow. Bring the kids and take turns playing catch or tag with the pets. Let them stretch their legs and exercise their entire bodies as they leap and roll across the grass. Be sure to pack with you a lot of water as all that running and playing will have your pet panting non-stop. Bring all of your pet’s favorite food and treats to mark the day with more fulfilling rewards.

  • Schedule a play date.

If you and your pet go out for a picnic, chances are your pet has found a new friend at the park! Let their playtime continue by scheduling a play date with your pet’s new found friend. After all, social interaction with other animals is the best form of exercise for your pet. Not only does it keep your pet well exercised, it also teaches your pet to behave and bond with others. This lessens their agitation and inclination to bite or misbehave.

  • Go for a swim.

Go for a total workout by taking your pet swimming! Whether you go to a beach, a lake, or a pool, swimming in the water will wake up more of your pet’s muscles and give them a good stretch. Swimming is also an easy form of exercise, as it does not strain the joints as much as running does. This should be ideal for older and bigger pets. If your pet is not a natural swimmer, you can attach a pet vest so your pet can stay longer in the water.

  • Play with the garden hose! 

Are you planning to water your garden or set the sprinklers on for your lawn? Let your pet join in the fun! Not only will your pet get to perform some basic exercise around your yard, chasing the water streams from your hose or your sprinklers will also effectively cool down your pet. This way, you accomplish both watering the plants and making your pet happy at once!

  • Go camping.

If you are planning to explore the great outdoors, why not bring your pet with you? You can pitch a tent and start your own bonfire to create a deep and lasting bonding experience. Pet behaviorists encourage these types of trips with your pets because it creates a soulful connection that will make your pet respect and love you even more. Besides, hiking up a trail or just running around the open grounds will provide your pet with all the exercise he or she needs.

If you are planning on going on a trip but cannot bring your pet with you, you should consider hiring the services of a professional pet sitter. Pet Nanny can look after your pet while you are away, while also ensuring that all your pet’s needs are met as if you were the one taking care of them. Stop worrying about leaving your furry friend behind—we’ll take care of him or her! Call us at 734-981-6108 to schedule an appointment or ask about our rates.

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