How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

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There’s no better season to be thankful for our pets than Thanksgiving. We look back at all the joyful days our four-legged friends have bestowed on us and feel eternally grateful. As we celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of the yuletide season with festive meals and grand family reunions, let’s take a look at how we can make this season also enjoyable for our pets!

#1 – Tell your guests not to give food scraps to your pets.

Thanksgiving guarantees overtime work for the kitchen because there is always an abundance of new and delicious recipes to try. Sometimes, it’s a traditional family recipe that needs to be done just right. With all kinds of food cooking non-stop, there is bound to be an abundance of supply, and consequently, lots of leftovers. If you or your guests have more than enough than you can eat, think twice before feeding table scraps to your pets.

Be extra wary of fatty food because these can give your pet, especially dogs, pancreatitis or gastroenteritis. These two conditions are very painful and possibly even life threatening.

#2 – Say no to bones!

We’re sure the turkey tastes great but throw all the bones straight to the bin. Don’t risk lacerations or other complications by giving your dogs the bones to chew on after an epic feast. The same goes for chicken bones, which are actually smaller and sharper than turkey bones.

If you want to keep the bones for broth, go ahead. Just don’t throw them to your pets.

#3  – Say no to grapes and raisins too!

Grapes, raisins, beans and nuts add more to every meal’s flavor but they also contain toxins that can damage your pet’s kidneys. Veterinarians have observed a notable increase in kidney problems in pets during the Thanksgiving season, and they’ve found grapes and raisins to be the main culprit.

#4 – What about onions?

The turkey stuffing just wouldn’t be the same without some onions. Most of this holiday’s seasoning will also involve a lot of onions, whether sliced, chopped or in powder form. This is bad news for both cats and dogs because onions don’t work well with their digestive system. Even worse, onions have been found to destroy red blood cells in dogs and cats, which can lead to serious anemia. Keep onion-laden food away from your pets at all costs.

#5 – Is chocolate okay just this once?

Unfortunately, the answer is still—and will always be—no. Chocolates and certain candies contain ingredients that are actually toxic to dogs and cats. Never give your pet a chocolate bar even if they look like they badly want a bite!

#6 – Keep food wrappers away from your pets.

It’s not just food you have to watch out for because food wrappers such as aluminum foil, wax paper and cling wrap are all potential hazards for pets. When swallowed, these wrappers can obstruct the intestines; so don’t leave these lying around the kitchen where your pet can reach them.

#7 – Don’t forget to refill the water bowl.

The Thanksgiving holiday always serves up a packed house and you might get so caught up in the bustle of family and friends that you could forget to give your pet some water. There’s also a chance that some of the kids will knock over your pet’s water bowl as they play around the house. Do a regular check of your pet’s water supply and you’ll guarantee that they won’t go thirsty during Thanksgiving.

#8 – Hire a professional pet-sitter.

If you think you’ll be too busy with Thanksgiving activities to constantly check on your pets, it might be better to leave them with a professional. If you are not hosting this year’s festivities, all the more should you consider hiring a  pet-sitter to look after your pet as you go and visit your family in another city. After all, your pets deserve the best care when you can’t be around to do it yourself.

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