How To Make Halloween More Enjoyable For Pets

Monday, October 19th, 2015

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Halloween is just around the corner and parents and children alike are getting busy with setting up jack o’ lanterns at home and preparing the next crazy costume for the kids. However, the trick or treating season is not only for kids and the young at heart. This November, your pets are also looking forward to seeing ghouls and witches walk up the street.

What else can you do for your pets, aside from dressing them up in cute costumes? Here is a quick checklist of proper Halloween safety guidelines for your pets.

#1 – No Halloween candy

Never give your pet Halloween treats because most candy contains chocolate, which can be hazardous to dogs. Other candies also contain xylitol, which is an artificial substitute for sugar. Sugar-free candy and gum with this substance will most likely upset your pet’s digestive tract, or worse.

#2 – Stay away from fire

Halloweens will never be complete without the traditional jack o’ lantern. It is common practice to put a candle inside these sculpted pumpkins, and your pet could trip or fall over one. Candles are also a staple Halloween decoration everywhere, so avoid starting fires by keeping your pets away from the candles.

#3 – Be ready for runaways

Trick or treating entails the constant opening and closing of your house’s front door, and this provides your pet with multiple opportunities to bolt out of the house. Make sure your dog has a leash with a dog tag, or a built-in microchip that will aid the identification of your dog if ever it breaks free from your home. You don’t want the hassle of running after your pet in the middle of the festivities, so add extra caution when you open your door to trick or treaters.

If your dog is not yet used to new people, it might be best to keep your dog tied or kept to a safe play area.

#4 – Keep glow sticks out of reach of pets

Glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark stickers or jewelry are also potential health hazards to your pets. These objects contain chemicals that can cause your pet to behave differently. Glow-in-the-dark liquids are typically non-toxic, thus making them safe around children. However, ingestion of these liquids can cause your pet to pant hard, breathe laboriously and act dizzy.

#5 – Choose a comfortable costume

It can be hard to resist putting on a costume on your pet, especially since Halloween is a once-a-year kind of occasion. Don’t miss the perfect picture opportunity by avoiding the costumes altogether. You can dress up your pet if you take note of some precautions:

  • Make sure the costume fits your pet. Loose apparel can cause your dog to trip, while tight-fitting outfits can constrict your pet’s breathing.
  • Make sure the costume does not have parts that can be yanked off, chewed on or swallowed by accident. Sadly, this means no small bells or whistles.
  • Do not obstruct your pet’s vision. Unfortunately, this rules out fake eyeglasses and eye patches.
  • Do not pick a costume that will impede your pet’s natural movement.

#6 – Take time to practice

Once you have picked the perfect costume that will draw many ooh’s and aah’s from your Halloween guests, it is time for a dress rehearsal. It is important to get your pet used to the costume to avoid unpleasant reactions on the day itself. Once your pet is accustomed to the costume, you can be more confident that no accidents will happen.

#7 – Do not leave your pet unsupervised

Eliminate the chances of your dog accidentally eating chocolate, tripping on a candle, or choking on the costume. Keep a watchful eye on your dog (and your kids!) as you entertain your Halloween guests.

#8 – Leave your dog with a professional sitter

If you think you will be distracted by all the Halloween activities, it could be wise to first leave your pet with a professional sitter. Some parents are extra busy on this day because they have roles to fulfill in their neighborhood, either as supervising adults or as overall event organizers. It’s smart to keep your pet in a protected area with guardians giving them the care and comfort they need. This way, you and the kids can have a worry-free Halloween!

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