March Madness and Your Pet – What to Watch out for

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

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It’s transition season once again and we all know that there’s nothing your pet hates more than changes in their routine. Just when your cat or dog has started to feel comfortable in the cold, spring has arrived and now you will have to adjust your pet’s daily routines once again. Before you set your pet loose to explore the outdoors, take time to get to know the potential hazards that come with the changing season.

Watch out for stagnant water

Melted snow will leave puddles and pools of water around your property, which can be problematic both for you and your pet. Not only are they breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes; they are also filled with millions of microscopic bacteria that can be lethal to your pet.

Before allowing your cat or dog to go outside, get rid of all the stagnant water left behind by the winter season. Make sure to drain all your reservoirs and empty garden pots, cans and other containers that may have filled with bacteria-infested water.

Keep gardening chemicals out of your pet’s reach

Spring is the season of fresh grass and flowers so you may want to work on your garden. If you do decide to use fertilizers, pesticides, rodenticides or herbicides, make sure you don’t leave them lying around your yard. These chemicals are toxic for your pet even in small amounts.

Watch out for these hazards at the beach

You may already be thinking of bringing your pet with you on your next beach trip. Pets love beaches just as much as we do, but make sure to keep an eye out for them at all times. Beaches have a myriad of things lying around that pets just love to play with. Some of these may be toxic and potentially cause digestive problems. The last thing you want is for your cat or dog to throw up in your car on the way home.

Watch out, some beaches also have jellyfish and other stingers that can harm your dog while they are swimming.

Apply sunscreen on your pet after a good shave or trim

It is common for pet owners to take their pets to grooming clinics after the winter season is done. Now that it’s warmer, what’s the use of all that fur! If you want to help your pet cool down by getting rid of some of that thick fur, make sure to apply sunscreen on your pet before letting them go out under the sun. The nose and ears are the parts most prone to sunburn so a little sunscreen will go a long way to prevent any unwanted burns.

Get an anti-flea collar or apply an anti-tick spray on your pet

Now that your pet will want to go outside to interact with other animals again, they will also be exposed to countless parasites such as ticks and fleas. Protect your pet by applying an anti-tick or anti-flea powder/spray before heading out on a play date. You can also get your pet a special collar that wards off these tiny bloodsuckers.

Never leave your pet unattended inside your car

It’s lovely being out and about when the weather starts to get a bit warmer. You may be tempted to bring your pet along with you as you drive around town to run your errands. If you were thinking of leaving your pet in your car while you do your groceries, think again. Even if you pop a window open and resolve to only be gone for five minutes, you never know what could possibly happen in that time frame!

The weather can change unexpectedly and you certainly don’t want to traumatize your pet. Some pets also get extremely anxious when they are left alone in unfamiliar settings so they may try to escape or rip apart your upholstery. Let’s not forget, unattended pets are also at a greater risk of getting lost or stolen.

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