Michigan Halloween 2017 Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas for Your Pet

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

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With less than a month before October 31, Halloween is fast approaching! Yes, that means that the most frightening (and fun) night of the year is almost here. I’m sure by now, you’ve started preparing for the big night – decorating your home and lawn, making costumes for your family and planning how to give trick or treaters the scare of their lives. But who says that it’s only us humans who get to enjoy this spook-fest? Your pets will surely want to get in on the fun!

If you plan to make your pets’ Halloween extraordinary then look no further. Here are some spook-tacular ideas for a night you’ll all remember:

Costume Competitions

Because Halloween is typically celebrated with costumes, why not dress your pet up in the most creative ensemble you can think of. You can even take it a notch higher and enter your pet in a costume contest in your area. Whether you go with the ghost and ghoul theme or something more unique; thinking up cool and creative ways to preen your darling pets is part of the fun. Joining a contest like this is also a great way to bond with fellow pet enthusiasts while your pet gets to hobnob with their own ilk. What’s more, if you do end up bagging a prize or two, that just makes it all the sweeter!

Join a Halloween Parade

While your pet is slaying the costume game, level up your Halloween experience by joining a parade. Check out whether your area has a Halloween parade that your children AND your pets can do as a team and I’m sure they’ll love bonding and playing dress up together!

Pet Talent Shows

Some neighborhoods organize pet talent shows during Halloween. Join the fun and show off your pet’s special talents or gifts — whether it’s singing, dancing, playing dead or giving high fives. If your pet doesn’t have any outstanding abilities just yet, why not take some time out of your day to teach your pet a new out-of-this-world trick? If you win a prize in the end, well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Photo Sessions

Since photo booths are trendy and accessible these days, why not make a Halloween-themed one. Put up a photo booth where the neighborhood pets along with their humans can have their photos snapped. Make sure your photo booth has a wide assortment of props for even more creative pictures. You can even consider putting up a pet photo exhibit party afterwards.

Treasure Hunts

Pets make great treasure hunters, more so if they are dogs that belong to the hound family. Make a Halloween version of the popular Easter egg hunt by cooking up a spooky-themed treasure or scavenger hunt in your backyard. Gather all the neighborhood pets (supervised by their humans of course) and let them spend a few hours rummaging for Halloween treats. You can also pair this up with additional pet games for the non-enthused hunters.

Go Pet Trick or Treating

The most common Halloween activity for little (and even not-so-little) boys and girls would be the classic tradition of going trick or treating. Get your pets involved this year! You can even take it a step further and train them to carry candy baskets. Not only is this fun for the whole family, but you will avoid putting your pets through the stress of being stuck at home with strangers ringing the doorbell every 5 minutes.

Visit a Seniors Home

Bring some cheer to a neighborhood seniors/retirement home by visiting them on Halloween night. Seniors and retirees will surely take delight in the antics of your costumed pets. Organize a group and coordinate with homes that are near you. The interaction will benefit both the elderly and your pets.

Halloween might only last for one night but memories with your pets last forever. So get in the Halloween spirit and start planning now. We at Pet Nanny are dedicated to making sure you and your pets enjoy each and every holiday. If you need help this Halloween season caring for your pets, give us a call at 734-981-6108 or or use our on-line contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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