Michigan Holiday Pet Sitting – Things To Know

Monday, November 14th, 2016

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Michigan 2016 Holiday Pet Sitting

The upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations will call for family vacations, reunions and other gatherings, so you are most likely thinking about going out of town. You should take the time to reconnect with old friends and distant relatives this yuletide season; and you can always hire a professional pet sitter if you have to leave your pet at home.

There are certain things you and your pet sitter should do to make holiday pet sitting a success. Here are some useful tips shared by actual pet sitters and pet owners.

You should always book your appointment at least a month before

The holidays are a very busy time for pet sitters because of the sheer number of people who have to leave their pets for parties and vacations. Some pet sitters accept bookings as early as a year before, while it’s customary for most pet sitters to accept reservations anywhere between 2-6 months before your intended dates. Don’t wait until the last minute to contact a pet sitter. You don’t want to worry about leaving your pet with just about anyone before you leave just because you’re desperate.

Make sure to check your house’s pipes, windows and furnace for leaks

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and rain during the Christmas season, you should have your house checked for possible leaks. It is not a good idea to leave your pet and sitter in a house that could get too cold for comfort. Your pet could easily catch a cold or a more complicated disease if exposed to freezing conditions.

Be careful when it’s snowing

Not all animals are built for the cold. When your pet goes out tell your pet sitter to wipe any ice stuck in your pet’s paws. If you don’t do this, your pet could get frostbite or damaged paw pads.

Avoid letting your pet play with holiday décor

Some pets can hurt themselves when left unattended with holiday décor. An innocent ornament or a strand of sparkling lights left hanging low could spark an unwanted accident at home. Don’t encourage pets to play with decoration because they could also get used to the act of biting and destroying household objects.

No holiday candy for your pets

Don’t be tempted to share your holiday loot with your pet. It can become easy for pets to chew on broken pieces of candy and chocolate on the floor so your pet sitter should also be careful when eating these at your house. Too much sugar is definitely bad for pets, and chocolate can even be toxic to dogs and cats.

Have all your pet food and medicine ready

Going out to buy pet food and medicine can be a difficult task considering holiday traffic, the lack of parking, and blocked roads used for public parades. Avoid the hassle of picking up last minute stuff and simply have everything your pet sitter will need to take care of your pet right in your home.

Going on a vacation this Christmas? Pet Nanny will take good take care of your pet as you go enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. Get in touch with us by calling 734-981-6108 as early as possible! You can also use our on-line contact form and our on-line new client form to get started now.

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