Pet Sitting vs. Dog Boarding: The Pros and Cons

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

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Michigan Pet Sitting Services from Pet Nanny

No matter how much we devote ourselves to being with our pets at all times, there are circumstances in life that will just keep us apart. Whether it’s a once in a lifetime business opportunity, a long overdue family reunion overseas, or just a short weekend trip with your close friends, there will be times when your four-legged friend just can’t tag along with you. Don’t miss out on wonderful experiences just because you can’t help but put your pet before you. This article will help you decide on the best course of action when you need to leave your pet behind.

The tough part is in deciding whether you should leave your dog in a boarding facility or hire a pet nanny to look after your pet at home. If only our pets could tell us what they prefer! Nevertheless, there are plenty of factors to consider in making this decision, so take your time and read on below to know what is best for your pet.

Here are some of the important things to consider for your pet’s safety and welfare.

Social Skills

Was your dog properly socialized as a puppy? Does he or she get along well with other dogs upon the first meeting? If your pet is a natural social butterfly, a pet boarding facility may be a good choice. However, without you to supervise your pet, he or she may still feel intimidated by the presence of other dogs no matter how properly socialized he or she is.

On the other hand, if your dog leans toward the shy and reserved type, it will be very traumatizing for him or her to be left alone with new handlers and many other dogs. There is a high chance that your dog will not get along with other dogs, especially if the setting is unfamiliar. Your dog will get very anxious and lonely, and this could alter his or her behavior forever.

Hiring a pet sitter to look after your pet at home will be beneficial for all types of dogs, whether they are playful or reserved. Not only will the familiarity of the surroundings ease your dog’s anxiety, it will also let him or her know that you’re definitely coming back.

Exercise Needed

Smaller dogs are easier to manage because their energy levels are easily satiated. However, big dogs will need a lot of exercise or else their tendency to misbehave will increase.

Before leaving your dog in a kennel facility, ask the handlers if they will also take charge of taking your dog out for a walk. Some boarding facilities will just keep your dog in a kennel— alone or with other dogs— but exercise might be limited to running around a room indoors.

On the other hand, hiring a professional pet sitter will assure you that your dog will get the proper exercise he or she needs. It is a pet sitter’s role to look after your pet exactly the way you would do it. There will be no change in your dog’s routine, and this will help your dog warm up to the pet sitter in no time.

Special Needs

Does your dog need to take special vitamins for maintenance? Or does your dog have a condition that needs special attention? If you leave your pet in a kennel facility, the handlers might not be able to give your pet the level of attention he or she requires because of the presence of other animals. To be sure that your pet will not miss important medication and other supplemental forms of care, talk to a pet nanny instead. A professional sitter will not only devote his or her entire time to your pet, he or she is licensed and trained to do so.

Do you need a professional pet sitter? Pet Nanny offers fully licensed and bonded pet sitting services that make your pet feel safe and secure while you are gone. Call us today at 734-981-6108 to make an arrangement.  You can also Sign Up as a New Client right from our website!

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