What Is The Right Pet For Your Family?

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

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When children turn six, it often becomes a wonderful turning point for many families because children of this age are deemed capable of caring for a pet! Other kids may have pets at a younger or older age; however, children who are six already exhibit the discipline and obedience needed to care for an animal.

If your family is thinking of adopting a pet, there are a couple of pointers that may help you make the right decision. Here, we’ve listed down the different benefits and precautions that come with different domesticated animals so you can sit down with your partner or your child to discuss your options together.


A goldfish is the easiest pet to adopt because you just need to set up a good aquarium with the right heater or filter. However, goldfish and other types of pet fish often die from overfeeding as very young kids have a tendency to keep feeding them when no one is looking.

Hamsters or Gerbils

These furry friends are often called “pocket pets” because they’re small, cuddly and a lot of fun to have around! If you think your kid isn’t ready for a cat or a dog, getting a hamster or a gerbil would be the perfect step.

Just because they’re low maintenance doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore hamsters or gerbils. If you don’t change the cage beddings often enough, your entire house will smell like rodent urine and droppings. Teach your child how to change the cage beddings so he or she will learn that pets are not just for playing.


Dogs are always a favorite choice for first-time pet owners because they are just so lovable. Dogs are ideal for children who want to develop a deep bond with an animal, and they must understand that the dog is not a toy. Dogs are not called “man’s best friend” for nothing. Therefore, if your kid is mature enough to enter a nurturing relationship between a human and an animal, a dog would be your absolute best bet.

Be mindful, however, that dogs require a lot of time and discipline to take care of. It’s easy to make promises like feeding or walking the dog daily, or simply cleaning up after the dog’s mess, but it’s much harder to actually fulfill them. If you are keen on getting a dog, make sure your child is supervised by an adult at all times so none of these important tasks are neglected.

When choosing the right dog, make sure to ask the previous owner or the rescue center about the dog’s temperament, socialization, training and level of attention required from its owners.


Cats are warm, fluffy, and adorable! When properly trained and socialized, they can be the greatest sources of comfort for both kids and adults. However, cats can be naturally aloof and they like to be left alone for some periods of time. If your child can be patient enough to wait for when the cat is ready to socialize, then everything should go warm and smoothly.

However, keep in mind that 30% of children are allergic to cat dander. Make sure to pay your doctor a visit to ensure that your kid can be safe around cats. Also, cats have a tendency to scratch when they play. Explain to your child that the cat means no harm when this happens.

Other ideal household pets include birds, iguanas, white mice, and bunnies. Whatever pet your family chooses, make sure that your child will learn responsibility and discipline while also exercising how to express nurture and love.

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