Top Ten Dog and Cat Myths Debunked

Monday, August 21st, 2017

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Dogs and cats have been with us for hundreds of years. You’d think by now we’d know everything about them, right? Apparently, not so. You’d be surprised just how many things we get wrong about our furry feline and canine companions. Here are the top ten dog and cat myths that you’ve probably heard but are simply not true.

#1 Warm and Dry Noses Means Your Dog is Sick

A dog’s nose is not an accurate predictor of its health. It is perfectly normal for a dog’s nose to go from cool and wet to warm and dry at different times of the day. However, a nose that is warm and dry may be considered a sign of illness if it happens persistently.

#2 Dog Years Are Equivalent to Seven Human Years

More of a rough estimate, dogs actually age faster earlier in life but this slows down as they get older. A dog’s lifespan actually differs depending on its size and breed as it has been shown that smaller breeds can live up to 15-20 years while larger breeds only 7-10 years.

#3 Dogs Only See in Black and White

Dogs can actually view different hues aside from black and white. While it is not quite the to the range of spectrum humans are capable of viewing; dogs can see things in blue, greenish-yellow, yellow, and various shades of grey.

#4 A Wagging Tail Means a Happy Dog

Watch out for this one. While in most cases, dogs who are happy or excited will vigorously wag their tails. There are also instances where dogs who are anxious, fearful or displaying signs of aggression will wag their tails. A dog’s overall behavior is really a better predictor of its demeanor, so it’s best to take note of more than just tail action.

#5 You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

This may be best kept as a metaphor for stubborn humans. While elderly dogs usually have a harder time learning new things due to a decline in their physical attributes and energy – it is not impossible. If you want to teach your old dog a new trick, keep it fun and less physically-demanding. Make use of their favorite toys and treats to grab their attention and reward them when they get it right.

#6 Cats Always Land On Their Feet

Cats are very agile creatures and have the ability to auto-correct their orientation mid-fall. But it is impossible for them to always land on their feet, especially if they drop from a low height where they are unable to adjust their bodies in time.

#7 Cats Have Nine Lives

Nope. Your cat only has ONE life. Make sure they’re safe and happy because there’s no reincarnation for these guys.

#8 Black Cats Are Bad Luck

This is merely based on old superstition that has not been backed by any scientific study. So don’t let this stop you from adopting any cute, darkly-pigmented feline. In fact, in some cultures, cats have been said to bring good tidings and blessings to their owners, no matter their color.

#9 Cats Love Milk

That all cats love milk is a common misconception. Milk actually causes diarrhea for most cats who are very lactose-intolerant. Sure a baby kitten might breastfeed from its mother’s milk, but only because it is natural for them to do so. It’s best to seek advice from your vet on how to make sure your kitty has a balanced and nutritional diet.

#10 Cats Only Purr When They’re Happy

Yes, cats purr when they are content. But they have also been known to purr while giving birth as well as when they are on the brink of death. A cat’s purr is usually an expression of different types of emotion rather than just a sign of contentment.

BONUS MYTH: Dogs and Cats are Natural Enemies

This myth is arguably the most well-known particularly because of its widespread use in popular culture. From cartoons to movies – cats and dogs have always been depicted as being at odds with each other. While a dog might give chase from time to time, the idea that they are natural enemies is simply not true. In fact, many households will attest that a dog and cat might actually make the most unlikely best of friends.

All these common, yet misconceptions about our pets need to be dispelled from minds as quickly as possible. We at make sure all our nannies are well-informed and properly trained to take care of all of your pets’ wants and needs. If you need are in need of a pet sitter, give us a call at 734-981-6108 or use our on-line contact form and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

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