The Ultimate Fall Checklist For Your Pet’s Health

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

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The colder months are fast approaching and you need to prepare your pet for the coming transition. Our pets can get uncomfortable at the prospect of making changes to their well-loved routines so you should be able to perform the right steps to ease them into the change in seasons.

Check your pet for ticks and fleas. 

Summer months usually mean outdoor playtime for your pets. If your dog or cat has been spending time outside, there is a high chance your pet could have picked up some ticks and fleas from the ground or other animals. These itch-inducing critters can stick on your pet for months so make sure to continue your typical flea and tick prevention regimen when it’s time to keep your pet indoors for the colder months.

Ticks and fleas can cause parasite-induced illnesses such as Lyme disease. Whether you’re using a spray, a special collar, or an injectable anti-parasitic medicine, just be sure to check your pet for ticks and fleas throughout the year to lessen the likelihood of disease-related death.

Make sure to update your pet’s vaccinations.

A gram of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure! This applies to your pet’s health, so don’t take your pet’s vaccinations for granted. It would be best to pay your vet a visit before winter sets in so you can ensure that your pet will have the full resistance it needs to fight the cold and other common diseases.

Adjust your pet’s diet.

When fall begins, chances are you won’t be letting your pup or kitty roam as freely in the great outdoors. It is better to keep your pet indoors when the temperatures drop because not all pets have the capacity to keep themselves warm during the colder days and nights. This will mean reduced exercise for your pet.

When your pet isn’t moving around and playing as much indoors, it is appropriate to adjust your pet’s diet right away. You don’t have to feed your pet as much when he or she will most likely just be sleeping on the floor. Maintaining a big diet can even be detrimental to your pet’s health as it is easier to pack a few extra pounds during times of reduced exercise and activity.

Create a new exercise routine for your pet indoors.

Just because your cat or dog will be spending most of their time indoors does not mean they should be deprived of exercise. The opposite couldn’t be truer. You have to keep your pet’s activity levels consistent so they still get their daily dose of exercise.

Use this time to get creative and think of new ways to play inside the house. Make sure to clear out the furniture to make more room, or simply choose a big enough part of the house to play in. You can start with simple fetch exercises provided that your pet won’t accidentally knock over something in the room.

Continue to give your pet heartworm medication. 

Don’t stop giving your pet heartworm pills because mosquitoes can still grow abundantly in indoor settings. Make sure to always throw out old water and watch out for leaks that could create unwanted puddles inside your house. Heartworm disease is one of the most common causes of pet illnesses and deaths, so stay vigilant regardless of the season.

Detoxify your living spaces. 

Since your furry friend will be spending more time inside the house, be sure to keep your living spaces free from toxic matter and harmful chemicals. Anything from mold, mildew, mulch, and mothballs, to anti-freeze and refrigerants can trigger an allergic reaction in your pets, or in worst case scenarios, poison them. Cold weather creates dampness, and this is an ideal environment for mushrooms and other fungi to grow. Make sure your pet is not exposed to any of these at all times.

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