Why Cats Need Pet Sitters Too

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

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Michigan Cat Pet Sitting Pet Nanny

Cats, most especially domesticated cats, have always had a reputation of leading independent lives apart from humans. We imagine them to be very self-sufficient and needing little to no attention from their owners whatsoever. You could just fill up their food and water bowls, leave them to their own devices, and be on your way. Although this could be true up to a certain degree, it would appear to not always be the case for our feline companions. Cats are very prone to stress and anxiety when left alone at home, especially for extended lengths of time. Being creatures of habit, they can get very irritable if their daily routine isn’t held up, leading to destroyed furniture or runaway cats. Before you book your vacation to the tropics, we suggest making sure your cat is in good hands while you’re gone. Below, we list down our top four reasons why hiring a cat-sitter is more important (and convenient) than you think.

Daily Feeding, Cleaning, and Exercise

As mentioned above, leaving a pile of cat food and days-worth of water for your cat before you leave simply will not work. It’s like a band-aid solution to an internal problem. Hiring a cat-sitter is the better option, one where you’re not left anxious and worrying about your cat every other second. Never leave your pet unattended for more than 12 hours, especially if they’re used to a strict feeding schedule. Pet Nanny provides professional sitters who can visit your cat on a daily basis, ensuring all their basic needs are met from feedings, baths, and the occasional play time. You can even customize our services to better suit your pets’ particular routine. We believe that every cat is special and should each be treated according to their specific wants and needs.

Human Presence

Cats can get lonely too. Having their owners around gives them comfort and puts them at ease, while not having anyone around could make them stressed and anxious leading to more problems along the way such as decrease in vitality, irritability, and even human avoidance. Give your cat a proper sense of security by having a sitter visit them and make them feel that warm human love. They’re more likely to be receptive to people they see regularly, which can lead to forming a unique bond that can last a lifetime.

Better than Boarding Facility

Aside from pet-sitters, there is another option of leaving them at a boarding facility. While not entirely a bad idea, it would mostly depend on your cat’s personality and predisposition, not to mention the quality of the boarding facility. Some cats don’t do well being locked up in a cage and placed beside other strange animals. Having cages facing each other is a surefire way to make them stressed and agitated as well. By hiring a sitter, your cat will never have to leave the comforts of your home. Ultimately, you’d be hard-pressed to find any boarding facilities that can compare to the personal touch a professional cat-sitter provides.

Pet and Home Safety

Finally, when it comes to your pets’ safety and well-being, nothing beats having a highly-trained, fully-licensed professional nanny watching over your cats while you’re away. Pet Nanny pet sitters offer the best when it comes to providing that tender loving care and will go the extra mile ensuring all your pets’ needs are always meet. Compromising for anything less could lead to regrets in the end. We also believe that home safety should be top priority and take the utmost care when it comes to customer privacy. In the end, we want to build lasting relationships with our customers as well as their extended furry family.

Debunking the myth that cats are the low-maintenance, independent queen divas we’d all love them to be, they still will need someone looking out for them, especially somebody trustworthy and competent who will always put your pussy’s needs first. Get in touch with Pet Nanny at 734-981-6108 or use our online contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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