Employment Application Form
Employment Application Form

Please provide four (4) references (not relatives) that we may contact who have known you for several years and can attest to your good character. Please provide an accurate andcomplete mailing address for each.



Diploma/Major Subject


Work Experience


List below last four employers starting with last one first



I certify that all of the statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and are made in good faith. I give you and your agents the right to investigate all information given and to secure additional information, if necessary including a criminal background check. I hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons, companies, corporations furnishing such information.

You will be considered an Independent Contractor and be responsible for your own taxes.

All Pet Nanny Clients belong to Pet Nanny. You are to use Pet Nanny Material only for Pet Nanny Clients, not for personal use. Pet Nanny clients are not for your personal use (in any form) and will be subject to legal action and a finder’s fee of $5,000 for each client. Client will be subject to legal action as well.