2019 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Pet

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With holiday season almost coming to a close, we’re here looking forward to another year in the books and another chapter about to unfold for us. A time of new beginnings and rejuvenation, 2019 has yet to be written but the future always holds a lot of promise for those who are open to it. Of course, old habits that no longer serve us should be burnt off like dead wood to make room for newer, more effective ones. This is why we make resolutions at the beginning of the year – for its greatly accentuated symbolic significance. We might have personal resolutions of our own, but who says it has to end there? You know who would appreciate making positive changes in their lives? Our pets. As responsible pet-owners, we owe it to them to make every year of their relatively short lifespan as great and memorable as possible. Here, we list down a few New Year’s resolutions you can do for your pets this coming 2019.

Upgrade and Control Food

If you’ve been feeding your pets with whatever is available, it’s a good time to start thinking about the health and dietary benefits of proper pet food. If you can afford it, get them pet food that is appropriate for their breed and size. They’ll definitely love you for it. While you’re at it, start measuring their daily intake to make sure they don’t overeat. Pets can grow to great sizes if they just end up eating all the time. This could lead to severe health problems caused by obesity in the future. If you happen to find yourself too busy to prepare your pets’ meals, give us a call at Pet Nanny. As one of our services, we can work out a schedule to have one of our highly-skilled pet-sitters handle their daily feeding for you.

Make More Memories

For us people, pets occupy only a small chunk of our lifespan. But for pets, we’re practically their whole life. So why not make the most of the time we have with our pets by making as many happy memories as possible? Take them out to trips with you. Go hiking or to the beach. Play sports or paint and do art with them. Or you could also just stay in and watch Netflix with them. The activity doesn’t really matter just as long as you and your pet spend those happy times together. Show them you love them by making every day a meaningful one.

Get More Exercise

As mentioned above, pet obesity is a big problem for a lot of our animal buddies. Making your pet happy and healthy should be a no-brainer this 2019. Run with your pets and get them toys that encourage them to be active. If they love the water, swimming at a lake or the beach is a great way to keep them moving. No time to exercise? Pet Nanny can send someone over to take care of their exercising needs —no fuss, no muss.

Keep Them Groomed and Regularly Checked

Grooming our pets offers multiple health benefits as well as special psychological pair-bonding experiences. Brushing their teeth will help fight off infections and other mouth-related diseases. Keeping their hair trimmed and nails short are always a personal preference, but baths should always be given every other week or when they inevitably start to develop that pet funk. Apart from this, schedule a visit with your pets’ vet at least once a year to make sure they’re in good health and good spirits.

Welcome the year 2019 with these pet resolutions. If you can follow these tips even for a little while, we can guarantee and quick and positive change happen to you and your pet almost immediately. We at Pet Nanny want nothing but the best for you and your pets, which is why we offer nothing but the best services from daily feeding, grooming, exercise routines, and the like. If you’re ever in need of pet-sitting, give us a call at 734-981-6108 or use our on-line contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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