Ringing in 2022 with a Pet Sitter in Michigan

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As the year draws to a close, we look forward to a brighter, more hopeful year ahead. Granted, things have been rough for a spell—the past couple of years have been hard on lots of businesses and families. But a new year is a chance for a fresh start and fresh opportunities.

However, it’s likely that a lot of these opportunities will require you to leave the house, and you won’t always be able to take your pets with you. Whether it be a chance to go on vacation (as lots of us have been hoping to do) or job interviews for new career opportunities, there are lots of situations where it simply won’t be appropriate or possible to bring along your pet.

Now you have a couple of options in these scenarios. You could have a trusted friend or family member watch your pet—but not all of us have anyone like this close by who is immediately available upon short notice. You could take your pet to a kennel for pet boarding, but that poses its own problems, especially if your pet has any medical issues.

We think the best option is pet sitting. Let’s go over why:

There’s no place like home—both for you and your pet. Your pet will likely feel freer and more comfortable at home than anywhere else. When you use a pet sitter, your pet will be happier and feel your absence less because he or she is in familiar territory. And you’d probably be back at home before your pet begins to miss you because his or her needs are adequately taken care of.

Once accustomed to a routine, pets are easier to handle and care for. A sudden change in their routine might bring about stress and anxiety. Using an in-house pet sitter would ensure that there is no drastic change to your pet’s routine—giving them less to adjust to and ensuring that they’re as comfortable as possible.

Leaving your pet in an unfamiliar environment while you are away may be stressful for her and you may return to find yourself having to deal with issues that weren’t there previously. We’ve seen cases where pets left in boarding kennels come home and are suddenly much more problematic than they were before.

A dedicated pet sitter will also be able to give your pet more attention than they would receive at a boarding kennel. It’s much closer to a 1-on-1 situation as opposed to pet boarding where you don’t know how many pets will be taken care of by a single attendant—and the rest of the time your pet will be left to their own devices.

There’ll be a better opportunity for close monitoring with a pet sitter, and you’ll have greater peace of mind since you can get regular updates about your pet’s health, mood, and activities. There’s also less risk of your pet contracting any diseases or injuries since they’ll just be at home, as opposed to in a facility with multiple unknown pets. Yes, boarding kennels do their best to ensure that all animals going in have the proper vaccinations and medical clearances, but it’s still a risk.

As amazing as it would be to have our favorite four-legged companions beside us 24/7, the reality is it’s just not possible, what with other responsibilities, obligations, and surprise emergency situations that eventually come up. Hopefully we’ve been able to enlighten you about the benefits of pet sitting. Pet Nanny offers the highest quality pet-sitting services for great, affordable prices. From dog-walking to cat-feeding, we can do it all. Give us a call at 734-981-6108 or use our online contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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