2020 Michigan Vacations and Your Pet – Why You Need a Sitter

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When you leave the house to take a break from the stresses of modern life, the hardest decision you should be making is where to spend your time. Going on vacation shouldn’t be a stressful affair—but pet owners may not have the luxury of being able to take their furry family with them. Naturally, we want our pets to be as comfortable and happy as possible, and making sure that someone can take care of our pets can be the worst part of going away. There is a plethora of options: you can bring your pet to a boarding kennel, find a trusted friend or family member, or even check your pet in to a veterinary hospital. Those are all fine options, but each one comes with its own caveats.

A boarding kennel will be experts in taking care of pets, and should have high-quality facilities that can keep your pet protected and secure while you’re away. But the sheer number of pets that a good boarding kennel has can make the environment too chaotic and stimulating for sensitive pets or ones prone to anxiety. This high-stress environment can make the stay a miserable experience, and can have adverse effects on your pet even when they are returned home. Though kennel staff are good at spotting trouble and soothing your pet if they’re particularly agitated, they can’t do so 24/7, and even if they can, your pet will still be stuck in an unfamiliar environment. The same goes for veterinary hospitals, in most situations. If you have any inkling that your pet may not fully enjoy their time at a boarding kennel or vet hospital, it’s time to look for other options.

A friend or family member could potentially take in your pet, and this can be a good option if your pet already knows and trusts them. Familiar faces are, after all, going to be the next best thing if your pet is missing you. But there are caveats for this option as well—your friend or family member may have other responsibilities and may not be able to give your pet as much attention as they need. Their home may be another unfamiliar environment where your pet can’t truly relax.

The best option, we think, is hiring a professional pet sitter to take care of your dog in your own home. A good idea is to have the pet sitter spend some time with your pet a couple of weeks before you leave—this way, they build up the same trust that they would have with a friend or family member. Your pet will be able to stay in a familiar environment where they feel safe and comfortable, resulting in less overall stress. They’ll be able to eat their normal food, and their routine will be retained as much as possible—and as we know, pets thrive on a routine to stay relaxed and happy. There are also other benefits: you’ll be able to call your pet sitter and possibly even video-conference with your pet! A good pet sitter will be able to adapt and adjust to your pet’s unique personality and provide the best possible care for your pet while you’re away.

Regular human contact while you’re on vacation will mean your pet is more social, more comfortable, and happier. And really, that’s what it’s all about. We at Pet Nanny are ready to take over any pet caretaking duties should you be unable to spend time with your pet. If you have a busy schedule, give us a call and we will make sure your pets get all the attention they need.  Contact us at 734-981-6108 or use our on-line contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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