How to Prepare Your Pet for 2020 Michigan Spring

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After a long and cold Winter season here in Michigan, it’s finally time to prepare for Spring — and time to think about how we can prepare ourselves and our pets. While you may be busy deep cleaning your home or just taking in the warmer days, you owe it to your furry family members to spend some time preparing for their needs as well.

Pet grooming

Most pets will have developed a heavier winter coat that will start to shed and show up everywhere in the house. To help cut down on this shedding, regularly brush your pet’s coat with a de-shedding tool. Furminator tools are a great choice for this. They work incredibly well at taking out the undercoat from both cats and dogs, even shorthaired breeds. To better loosen the hair, give your pet a bath and really scrub them with your hands against the hair growth. Once dry, give them a good brushing and you will be amazed at the hair that comes off. It’s not uncommon to have almost enough loose fur to put together an entirely new dog or cat!

Toys need a cleaning too

We usually coop ourselves up during Winter — who wants to leave the windows and doors open for fresh air when that air is freezing? As a result, there can be a fair bit of dust buildup in our homes, even on our pets’ things. Your pets’ beddings and fabric toys should get a run through the washing machine, while any leashes, harnesses, and other wearables should be hand-washed with hot water and soap. Now is also a good time to go through your pets’ things to see if anything needs replacing. You don’t want leashes or harnesses breaking while you’re out taking in the nicer Spring days. Not only that, your pets’ protection from the outside world deserves a look. Doors and windows might need repairs, and pet doors and protective screens might be the worse for wear after a harsh Winter.

Get a vet appointment

Your dog should have at least one vet visit a year and what a better time to do this than in spring? This will help you to understand where their health is as well as what you can do for them to keep them healthy in the warmer months. Check with your veterinarian to determine if your pet is fully current on all vaccinations and other protective measures. This is especially important if dogs will be hanging around boarding or day care or if they go to a public dog park. Cats who spend time outdoors should also be kept up on all vaccinations since you don’t know what they will get into. Along with vaccinations, talk to your veterinarian about flea and tick management as well as heartworm protection as the weather warms up.

Get some exercise

Since you probably haven’t had much chance to get out and get physical, this is a great time to start. Your pet will likely have even more energy now that warmer days are around the corner, so it’s a good time to help them burn off that excess energy with a walk around the block or a visit to the park — now that it isn’t a Winter Wonderland.

We understand that it’s a terribly busy time of the year so you may not have the opportunity to bring your pet out, but that’s why we have our Pet Nannies standing by to help. Your pet will appreciate not being stuck at home when the weather is so inviting.

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