How to Prepare Your Pet for 2021 Michigan Spring

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Spring is a time to clean away the cobwebs of Winter, and to revitalize your home, your life, and yourself — but are you forgetting about something? It’s also a good time to revitalize your furry friends! With warmer weather coming up, do you know how to prepare your pet for spring? Read on for the list of our expert tips.

Give pet items a spring cleaning

Winter also brings a fair bit of dust into our homes, and keeping windows shut means your pet’s favorite items become stale. Bedding and fabric toys can be run through the washing machine, while leashes, collars and plastic toys should be hand washed in hot, soapy water.

A fresh coat is always a good idea

With the weather warming up you will start to notice your pets shedding much more. Out with the old heavy, fuzzy undercoats and in with new sleek fur. As the weather changes, your pet is losing its winter coat—even inside-only pets will do this. To help cut down on this shedding, regularly brush your pet’s coat with a de-shedding tool. Furminator tools are a great choice for this. They work incredibly well at taking out the undercoat from both cats and dogs, even shorthaired breeds. To better loosen the hair, give your pet a bath and really scrub them with your hands against the hair growth. Once dry, give them a good brushing and you will be amazed at the hair that comes off.


Warm weather also signals the beginning of pest season. Fleas, ticks, biting flies and mosquitos are starting to come back for the season and with them bring annoyance and illnesses for both people and pets. This is a good time to begin heartworm prevention. Your vet will be able to give you the best type and dosage for your pet. Commonly, these preventatives also help with other pests too.

Fleas and ticks can carry many parasites that can seriously harm your pet, so it is important to treat this at the first signs. Fleas can cause pets to suffer allergic reactions and skin problems, anemia, tapeworm, rickettsiosis and cat scratch disease. Ticks can carry diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Some of these diseases can be transmitted to people from fleas and ticks, and some can be transmitted from pets to people.

Keep your pet updated

Have you moved recently? Has your contact information changed? Whether your pet has a microchip or ID tags, making sure that information is up to date is essential. This includes your home address, email address, and phone number. Keeping your pet’s information up to date greatly increases the chances you’ll be reunited with your pet in case they get lost.

Get your pet outside

You likely haven’t had as many opportunities to bring your pet outside for walks or adventures. By now they’ll be spoiling for a chance to have a good run around the park or a stroll on the trail. Interaction and exercise are important facets of your pet’s wellbeing. While you may not have all the time in the world to bring out your pet, we have our Pet Nannies standing by to help. Your pet will appreciate not being stuck at home when the weather is so inviting.

We at Pet Nanny Inc are prepared to take care of your pets for you while you’re away or unavailable. For your daily pet care needs, Pet Nanny Inc are ready and standing by to help when you can’t be around for your pets. Follow us on our social media accounts or give us a call at 734-981-6108. Alternatively, you can use our on-line contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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