September is Happy Healthy Cat Month – Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy in 2020

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The CATalyst Council has declared September to be Happy Healthy Cat Month, dedicated to finding ways to keep kitty companions happy, healthy and purring all year long. Cat parents may be as varied as the cats they take care of, but one thing that unites them all is the desire for their cats to live long, fulfilling lives. Today we’ve got some tips for you to incorporate into your routine to ensure that your kitty is healthy, well-adjusted, and content.

Don’t forget to groom

Cats can be fastidious with their own cleanliness—their saliva has excellent cleansing properties to keep their coat relatively clean. Despite this, kitties still need some help sometimes. They can usually take care of day-to-day dirt and dust, but if your cat is prone to exploring and getting themselves especially dirty, they may need a bath. Aside from that, a good brushing every so often will help remove hairballs and excess hair. This can save your cat from digestive problems related to ingesting those loose hairs.

Keep their food moist

Many vets these days recommend giving your cat a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. That’s just one of the reasons why dry kibble is no longer recommended for cats, as many varieties contain excessive amounts of carbohydrates. Some vets have even reported cats becoming obese and developing diabetes because of high carb diets—which can then lead to other complications.

Aside from that, dry kibble has next to no moisture content. Cats normally derive a lot of their liquid intake from their food, so keeping their food wet is a good way to get them to drink. If your pet dislikes drinking from a fountain or bowl, as many do, then this could be crucial in preventing kidney issues later in their lives. This isn’t to say that you can’t give dry kibble at all—just do so with care and only when absolutely necessary.

Get them to drink

As an addition to the previous tip, cats naturally don’t drink as much as other animals, as they evolved from desert-dwelling animals. Wet food is around 3/4ths water, while dry kibble is around 1/10ths water. If you’re giving your cat dry kibble, you’ll need to ensure that there’s always available sources of water. Flowing water from a cat fountain is best, as cats naturally dislike stagnant water. But of course, check what works with your cat, as they have their own preferences as well. Dehydration is terribly common in cats, especially older ones, so memorize the signs and watch out for them.

Give your cat lots of love and attention

It’s a common misconception that cats aren’t social pets, but the reality is that cats crave and desire interaction almost just as much as any other pet. They like playing with us, cuddling, and receiving our love and affection. Keeping your cat healthy is also about enriching their lives emotionally and mentally. So play with your pet as much as you can. Physical exercise with toys and walks can keep them physically healthy, while mental exercise with games and puzzles will keep their minds sharp. A lonely and bored cat is an unhealthy, unhappy cat. If you’re busy and can’t always keep up with your cat’s energy, it’s best to have someone who can come and watch you kitty for you. Cats aren’t always are the low-maintenance, independent queen divas we’d all love them to be—they still will need someone looking out for them, especially somebody trustworthy and competent who will always put your kitty’s needs first. We at Pet Nanny are ready and waiting to help you for any pet-related concerns. Follow us on our social media accounts or give us a call at 734-981-6108. Alternatively, you can use our on-line contact form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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